GroupingCategoryDescriptionAPI #
Adult-relatedAdult/MatureAdult themes not in another more specific category.  Not kid-friendly.
Related categories: Sex Education, Pornography, Nudity
Adult-relatedDating/PersonalsDating, romance, matchmaking13
Adult-relatedGamblingServices or information related to gambling24
Adult-relatedLingerie/SwimsuitIntimate apparel, swimsuits, and suggestive clothing.38
Adult-relatedMixed Content/Potentially AdultGeneral image/video sites that may return adult content along with non-offensive content.44
Adult-relatedNudityNude or seminude representations of the human body, including art, nudist or naturist.47
Adult-relatedPornographySexually explicit material54
Adult-relatedSex EducationNon-pornographic information on reproduction, sex practices, sexually transmitted diseases, sexuality, abstinence, birth control, etc..65
Business-relatedAds/AnalyticsAd networks and analytics services2
Business-relatedAuctions/ClassifiedsProduct or service listings from individuals6
Business-relatedBrokerage/TradingStock trading and information8
Business-relatedBusiness/EconomyGeneral business, for businesses that don't fit into a more specific category9
Business-relatedFinanceFinancial institutions (banking, insurance) or related financial topics21
Alternative Currency
Related to cryptocurrency, game tokens or other exchangeable digital goods that are not government issued legal tender
Business-relatedJob SearchJob search37
Business-relatedMarketing/MerchandisingDirect marketing services41
Business-relatedReal EstateReal estate (buildings, homes, apartments) and related topics58
Business-relatedRestaurants/FoodRestaurants and food-related topics62
Business-relatedShoppingStores for product or services that don't fit into a more specific category.66
Business-relatedTravelTravel and related topics (vacation transportation, lodging, activities)76
Business-relatedVehiclesVehicles, including autos, boats, motorcycles, etc.78
Promotional Compensation
Promise a potential reward for user input or activity
Entertainment-relatedArts/CultureFine arts and museums5
Entertainment-relatedAudioLive streams or downloaded audio clips7
Entertainment-relatedEntertainmentAll forms of entertainment not included in a more specific category.
Related: Arts/Culture, Sports, Games, Humor/Comics
Entertainment-relatedGamesGame playing, downloading or discussion.25
Entertainment-relatedHobbies/RecreationHobbies and recreational activities, including collecting, gardening, hunting/fishing, etc.30
Entertainment-relatedHumor/ComicsComedy, jokes, fun32
Entertainment-relatedMedia SharingAllow users to upload, search for, and share media files42
Entertainment-relatedSportsSports news and information71
Entertainment-relatedVideo/MultimediaLive streams or downloaded video clips79
File-relatedFile Sharing/StorageStorage and sharing of files and other data20
File-relatedPeer-to-Peer (P2P)Peer to peer/torrent clients and network for sharing files.49
File-relatedSoftware DownloadsSoftware and app downloads69
Health-relatedAbortionAbortion topic and positions for or against1
Health-relatedAlcoholPromotes alcoholic consumptions4
Health-relatedHealthHealth and wellness, including medical personnel, facilities and medicines, and fitness-related.29
Health-relatedTobaccoPromotes use of tobacco74
Information-relatedEducationEducational instututions, training courses and tools, and learning topics16
Information-relatedNewsGeneral news sources45
Information-relatedReferenceGeneral information for topics that don't have a specific category.59
Information-relatedSearch Engines/PortalsGeneral Internet search or general directories of the Internet64
Information-relatedTranslationAllows translation of a web site or text to another language75
Online interactionChat/IM/SMSShort message clients and services10
Online interactionDigital PostcardsGreeting cards14
Online interactionEmailEmail services17
Online interactionForumsNewsgroups, forums or bulletin boards that have many topics and not a specific topic that would fit another specific category.23
Online interactionSocial NetworkingSocial communities67
Online interactionTelephonyPerson-to-person VOIP or digital calling services73
Online interactionVirtual MeetingsMulti-person virtual meeting services.81
OtherFor KidsFamily-safe sites designed for kids (only used as a secondary category)22
OtherPersonal Sites/BlogsPersonal sites that are not focused on a specific topic that has another specific category.50
OtherUnratedUnknown categorization0
Potentially IllegalChild Pornography/AbuseSexual exploitation/abuse of a minor11
Potentially IllegalDrugs/Controlled SubstancesInformation or promotion of illegal drugs15
Potentially IllegalHate/DiscriminationPromotes or supports hostility toward a grouping of individuals28
Potentially IllegalMarijuanaPromotion of marijuana/cannibis and paraphernalia40
Potentially IllegalPiracy/PlagiarismIllegal sharing of copyrighted media (software, music, etc.) and school cheating information52
Potentially IllegalViolenceEncourages, glorifies or displays graphic violence against others or self (suicide).

Related categories: Hate/Discrimination
Security RisksScam/Illegal/UnethicalFraudulent sites or information promoting breaking the law.63
Security-relatedAnonymizersProvides ability to bypass web filtering controls by loading sites via intermediate service.57
Security-relatedHackingInformation or tools for unauthorized access to computer systems.27
Security-relatedInformation/Computer SecurityInformation or tools for computer security35
Security-relatedMaliciousMalcious intent to harm users or steal intellectual property.  Includes malicious software and associated sites.

Related: Phishing, Suspicious, Potentially Unwanted Software
Security-relatedParked SiteParked, site for sale, monetized placeholders or no meaningful content.48
Security-relatedPhishingCounterfeit web pages that duplicate legitimate business web pages to steal private information from users.51
Security-relatedPotentially Unwanted ProgramsUser tracking or annoying software programs55
Security-relatedRemote AccessRemote access to another computer61
Security-relatedSpamAssociated with email spam campaigns70
Security-relatedSuspiciousElevated, but unconfirmed security risk72
Newly Registered
Domain registered in last 30 days
Sensitive TopicsExtreme/GruesomeGory, perverse, gross or horrific content19
Society/GovernmentAlternative IdeologyBelief systems and practices not included in "Religion" category, including occult, paranormal, folklore, etc.33
Society/GovernmentGovernment/LegalGovernment agencies and information.  Also, businesses that deal with law (lawyers).26
Society/GovernmentMilitaryArmed forces43
Society/GovernmentNon-Profit/AdvocacyCharitable and non-profit organizations promoting and supporting a cause.46
Society/GovernmentPolitics/OpinionPolitical parties, groups or individuals promoting a point of view on a topic or issue.53
Society/GovernmentReligionOrganized, traditional beliefs and practices, including major global religions.60
Society/GovernmentSociety/LifestyleDaily life, beauty & fashion, home & garden, pets68
Society/GovernmentWeaponsSales, reviews, or descriptions of weapons and modifications82
Technology-relatedContent ServersHosting of files for accelerating web sites and services12
Technology-relatedHostingHosting of web sites for organizations and individuals31
Technology-relatedInformation TechnologyComputing, electronics and general technology that doesn't fit into a more specific category.34
Technology-relatedInfrastructure/IOTInternet infrastructure and devices36
Technology-relatedProductivity ApplicationsBusiness-related web applications56
Technology-relatedURL RedirectDoesn't provide content, only redirects to another location77
AI/ML Applications
Generative apps that take user input
Dynamic DNS
Services that offer unique hosts on previously registered domains for personal use, and may regularly change IPs
Homepage that is a generic login page or challenge (e.g. CAPTCHA), with no indication of what’s behind