If you have not yet installed A9 Web Protection browser extension, follow these instructions.

  1. Once a9 is installed in your browser, you will first need to create an a9 account by logging in with your Google account:

  2. After logging in, if you want to password protect block page overrides and settings (good for children), then click on the button to turn on password controls and enter a new password:

  3. Choose your desired protection level, by clicking on basic, standard or high:

  4. Click the [Try it] button to see how a9 Web Protection will work

  5. You may also want to become familiar with the "Overrides" tab and the "Stats" tab.  "Overrides" allows you enter any web site you want to always allow or always block, and the "Stats" tab show you an overview of web browsing, includnig how many requests were blocked.